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Texas Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookie

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In a state where it's almost always unseasonably warm and sunny, save for the couple of months of winter, and pecan trees are found throughout the countryside, we proudly serve Texas Pecan Chocolate Chunk in honor of our home pride!

Damn Good Hot Chocolate

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Damn Good Hot Chocolate

As cooler temperatures arrive, keep toasty warm by enjoying a lovely mug of damn good hot chocolate. A classic treat to start off the morning, share in the evening with good friends, or even better, tucked with a blanket and a darn good book.

Chef’s Halavas

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Chef’s Halavas

Make your own rich and nutty decadence. The swirls of melt-in-your-mouth sesame, crunch of hazelnut and smoothness of fine dark chocolate transport you to a flavor sensation of the culinary kismet of Europe, the Far East and beyond. For YUMMY! perfection, pair with your favorite floral or fruity mousse, ice cream or gelato.

Pistachio-Apricot Oatmeal Cookies

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This recipe yields a cookie that is thinner, chewier, and crispier than I’d ordinarily choose, but it’s absolutely delicious. The high ratio of brown sugar to white results in a deep caramel flavor, which goes wonderfully with the pistachios and dried apricots.