Vanilla Extract Made at Home

Posted on October 25, 2018
in: Sweets | Cuisines: Mexican

This home-made vanilla extract is much BETTER than most store bought ones and also incredibly easy to make.  If it's for your own use, skip the need for little containers and just steep the vanilla beans right into the entire whisky bottle.  I was lucky enough to sample a variety of bourbon whiskeys before selecting Giant Bourbon 95 Proof Small Batch made here in Houston by Gulf Coast Distillers.  As bourbon is derived from corn mash while rye whiskey tends to taste drier with more spices, this local bourbon imparts a sweet, warm and more full-bodied taste.  I thought, how perfect for cooking and baking.  Once it's ready, the uses are endless, from adding a teaspoon to heavy cream before whisking it into freshly whipped cream to infusing magic into chocolate chip cookie dough.  Let the goodness begin!


1 750mL bottle Giant Bourbon Whisky

4 to 5 vanilla beans


Slice the vanilla beans in half, length-wise.  Using the tip of a knife, scrape out the vanilla bean flecks into the bottle of bourbon.  Cut the bean in half and put into the bottle so that the amount of bourbon will cover the entire bean.  Secure the top of the bottle  and place in a cool, dark location for at least two months.  The longer the vanilla extract steeps, the more intense the flavor of vanilla.