Phoenicia Downtown Now Open (video)

Posted on November 7, 2011


8 Responses to “Phoenicia Downtown Now Open (video)”


    We’re long-time customers who keep wondering what will Phonecia create for us and all of Houston. Bless you for all you do. Most sincerely, The Copelands

  2. eman says:

    came to visit family from houston and was taken to the store . i was amazed and think every U.S city should have this store. keep up the amazing work. god bless

  3. Morgan Chabmers says:

    Such a great store, great people, great food. This family history makes me proud. I am so happy to see the growth and expansion. I wish you all the best. Cant wait to eat, shop and eat some more!!! I LOVE PHOENICIA!

  4. Olga O'Bryan says:

    I would always go to the one on Westheimer, so far out for me. But it was worth it. It’s so much closer now. I’m one happy customer. I love everything about the store. Bakerey, yummy, Thanks Phoenicia I love you too!!!

  5. Heisam Galyon says:

    The Tcholakian family deserves very much the success they enjoy, their work ethics is legendary, they have my ultimate respect.
    Oh, they have the best food ever.