YUMMY! Crew Spotlight: Fabrice Maraine

Posted on November 14, 2012

Nineteen years ago in a small Parisian bakery, our Executive Baker’s sweet inspiration was born. Fabrice Maraine was just 12 years old when he began working in a small corner bakery, helping and learning amazing techniques that appealed to his artistic eye, creative design and boundless energy level. He loves all the moving parts in a bakery and while he doesn’t paint or draw, baking lends Fabrice the important ability to create beauty. Also using carpentry as an outlet for his artistic talents, Fabrice has built amazing tables and chairs for his home.

Five years ago, Fabrice and his wife moved to Texas, where they are raising a beautiful little girl, Lucie, who loves to cook with dad. Lucie tries to convince Fabrice daily that it is her birthday so he will bake a cake for her! When her parents try to let her down gently by telling her it is not her birthday, she steadfastly insists, “Daddy I THINK it’s my birthday!”

Fabrice loves living in Houston, a big city with a small town feel, and especially likes that Houstonians are so friendly and helpful. When asked what he likes best about Phoenicia, there was no hesitation. The music. He loves the eclectic mix of music and we believe to some extent it inspires him.

Come be inspired by Fabrice’s magical creations at Phoenicia Downtown, his favorite corner of the world.