YUMMY! Crew Spotlight: Milly Aponte

Posted on January 15, 2013

Quickly becoming everyone’s favorite reason to shop downtown, Milly always shows amazing enthusiasm and passion for Phoenicia, and possesses unrivaled product knowledge. She can often be found hunting down a certain spice or searching the shelves for a special food that the customer can only describe by appearance or aroma. She is truly a phenomenal Phoenicia Phoodie!

As she remembers fondly, Milly started eight years ago after first asking her brother, who was already a Phoenicia employee, if she could be hired. When he failed to get her an interview, she boldly walked right up to the owner and told him, “You need to hire me!” And we are forever grateful he did.

Milly was born in Higuey, Dominican Republic, a city known for its tourism and beauty. Growing up in Higuey gave her a passion for history and culture–both representing what she loves most about Phoenicia. Milly delights in the history behind the foods we sell and even though she is a self-proclaimed non-cook, she admires how dishes are made and what they represent to the cultures that enjoy them.

Heath, a resident of One Park Place, loves Milly’s energy and passion for the job. He recently stated, “Milly is the main reason I shop here. She has an amazing, positive energy and is one of the best things about Phoenicia.”

When she isn’t bustling through the store, Milly likes to relax by reading books, riding her bike, attending shows at Miller Outdoor Theater or zipping around on her cute scooter.

Milly was recently voted the “Yummiest All-Around Employee” by her coworkers and we wholeheartedly agree. Be sure to stop by Phoenicia Downtown and see all the products that make Milly’s heart sing!