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Moroccan “Spatchcocked” Game Hen

Posted in: Savory Dish | Cuisines: Beverage, Fusion
Moroccan “Spatchcocked” Game Hen Moroccan “Spatchcocked” Game Hen

The technique of "spatchcocking" is to first butterfly the game hen, remove the backbone and then break the breastbone so that it will lay flat. This method exposes more skin, which crisps up nicely at a higher temperature. Along with Morrocan spices mixed herbs and a lemon rub marinade, this creates tender breast meat and juicy and flavorful drumsticks, all done in less time. Serve with warm berries, roasted tomatoes, tomato oil and arugula.

Chef’s Halavas

Posted in: Sweets | Cuisines: Salad, Middle Eastern
Chef's Halavas Chef’s Halavas

Make your own rich and nutty decadence. The swirls of melt-in-your-mouth sesame, crunch of hazelnut and smoothness of fine dark chocolate transport you to a flavor sensation of the culinary kismet of Europe, the Far East and beyond. For YUMMY! perfection, pair with your favorite floral or fruity mousse, ice cream or gelato.